The Architecture Foundation is proud to announce the 2017 Build SF Summer Design Institute.

June 13-30, 2017.

A fast-paced, exciting opportunity for high school students to gain high-tech archticture and design skills working on real-world challenges. For more info and to apply:

Build SF Summer Design Institute

2 thoughts on “Announcing the 2017 Summer Design Institute!”

  1. Hi, I am looking for some architecture summery program for my daughter, who is in 7th grade middle school. Please advise if there is any program in AFSF which could fit her? Thanks

  2. Will you host the same Summer Design Institute again next year? Can you put us on the mailing list for summer 2018? I know my daughter would love your program. Computer assisted design is the thing that drew her to the engineering program at her high school. It’s such a rare thing you’ve started for teens in SF.

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