The Annual Beaux Arts Ball

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Thank you for attending the 2023 Beaux Arts Ball!
We hope to see you at 2024's event!

2024's Beaux Arts Ball Costume Theme
"Archi-Texture: Where Fashion Meets Built Design"

September 19th, 2024
The Green Room | San Francisco, CA
6:00 to 9:30 PM PST
Email to RSVP!

We’re excited to announce that the theme for the 2024 AFSF Beaux Arts Ball is “Archi-Texture: Where Fashion Meets Built Design,” which simultaneously intertwines the creativity and innovation of both architecture and fashion design. This fusion celebrates the structural elegance of buildings, as well as the versatility of fashion, inviting attendees to explore the intersection of these two creative disciplines. From the sleek lines of modern high-rises that inspire haute couture silhouettes to the intricate patterns of historical landmarks that influence textile design, Archi-Texture is intended to showcase the profound influence that architecture has had on fashion throughout the years and vice versa.

As a part of this year’s Archi-Texture theme, we’re pleased to announce that our 2024 AFSF Beaux Arts Ball Partner is SF’s MAC Modern Appealing Clothing, a haute couture fashion house originating in San Francisco in 1980. MAC will assist us in bringing Archi-Texture to life, as well as act as a judge for our coveted costume contest.

Please join us in donning a creative costume of your choice! This year’s Beaux Arts Ball costume contest will be composed of three distinct categories: Best Overall Costume, Best Accessory, and Best Headpiece.  We encourage you to play with both form and function, discovering how architectural principles translate into wearable art and what that personally means to you.

About AFSF's Beaux Arts Ball

Since 2015, AFSF has hosted the annual Beaux Arts Ball — an unforgettable evening filled with dancing, a live jazz band, wine tasting, fabulous food, casino tables, costume contest, raffle prizes, great networking, and more!

This festive evening is intended to celebrate and bring together those who plan, design, and build our beautiful city of San Francisco. Everyone in support of or interested in the Design, Architecture, Engineering, Contracting, Development, Construction, and related industries is welcome to the party! We encourage you to invite clients, colleagues, and young professionals to join us for this special event!

All proceeds from the annual Beaux Arts Ball supports AFSF’s mission of developing future AEC leaders through STEAM youth, mentorship, and educational programs, including:

  • Build SF
  • Summer Design Institute
  • Annual High School Design Competition
  • AFSF’s Other Educational and Internship Programs
For more information on our Annual Beaux Arts Ball or to get on AFSF’s mailing list for the 2024 invitation, please contact

What to Expect at the Event

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Live Jazz Band
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The History of the Beaux Arts Ball

The origins of the Beaux Arts Ball trace back to the 19th century in Paris in which faculty and students at the École des Beaux Arts (translates to School of Fine Arts in French) hosted the very first ball in 1892. The theme of the Ball asked for creativity and imagination beyond the scope of tamed human minds. Architects, painters, and sculptors drew inspiration from Carnival in the creation of elaborate haute costumes and floats. Prizes were awarded to the most outlandish and successful interpretations. Such wild and taboo activity (at the time) opened doors for future generations; almost 200 years later the celebration continues here in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.