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Join Us for Our Annual Awards Breakfast!

All high school students are invited to participate in AFSF’s 55th annual High School Design Competition. 

Participants from any school, throughout the Bay Area and around the world are encouraged to submit  your designs.  

This year’s challenge is to create a Community Resilience Center for a town rebuilding after a devastating wildfire.

Separate prizes will be awarded for individuals, teams, and design process entries.

Teachers are encouraged to reach out to Competition Chair / Author Ryan Lee (415-277-3041, who can answer questions, offer guidance and even visit classes.  

For more info and previous years’ winners see the HSDC program page, or see this year’s Design Brief for a full descriptiuon of this year’s challenge and its context.

Share your insights to help a town rise from the ashes, and win prizes along the way!

The Build SF Summer Design Institute is a fun and fast-paced three week summer program for high school students interested in architecture, design and urban development.

Join one of the two sessions in the summer of 2024: June or July.  Each morning, you’ll meet online with classmates from around the world.  Guided by our architecture instructor, you’ll learn new skills and techniques, as you create original solutions to real-world design challenges, compiling a portfolio of work along the way.  

In addition, you’ll be mentored twice a week by an architect, engineer, or other design+build professional.  Get a glimpse of life in the design world and what it takes to get there!

More info here.  Register here.

Saturday Design Studio – two sessions for Spring 2024!

In this 6-week big bite of design and architecture, high school students will learn professional skills and tools and create an impressive array of designs.  Work independently and collaboratively, learn about careers and college paths, and create a portfolio of original work.  Includes weekly mentoring by an architect, engineer or other design professional.

Saturdays, 10:00 – 11:30am PDT plus 6 one-hour mentoring sessions during the week.

Online, via Zoom.

More info here.

Our Mission

The mission of the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco is to enhance the awareness and appreciation of architecture and the design process in the local community.

HSDC – 2024

AFSF announces the 55th Annual High School Design Competition! Complete details are in the 2024 HSDC design brief. Open to all high school students in public or private schools, from throughout the SF Bay Area, across the US, and around the world. Your challenge this year is to design a Community Resilience Center for a small town

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AFSF Summer Design 2024

Registration is now open for both sessions of the 2024 AFSF Summer Design Institute! In this 3-week fun and intensive immersive experience, high school students from around the world will learn new skills, build a portfolio of creative work, and gain insights into the life of a professional designer and the various paths into the field. In

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Saturday Design Studios – Spring 2024

AFSF is offering two more opportunities for high school students throughout the Bay Area and around the world to dive into the world of design during the school year! In each 6-week session of the AFSF Saturday Design Studio, participants learn new techniques and tools, and create original designs individually and collaboratively to meet real-world design challenges.

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