AFSF 2020 Design Ideas Collective

Offer your creative design solutions in this new venue for high school students.

Submit your designs anytime between Sept. 12 and Nov. 20.
Awards ceremony: Sun. Nov. 22, 4pm:

The Architectural Foundation of San Francisco is pleased to offer its first ever Design Ideas Collective program for high school student participation.

Download the brief and register here

  • Think critically about circumstances our community faces
  • Propose creative solutions for a better future.
  • Submissions reviewed by a select jury
  • Awards for each category entered.

Differing from AFSF’s annual High School Design Competition (which will be offered next in the Winter-Spring of 2021), the Ideas Collective is less architecture problem solving and more ideas-based thought exploration.

Find more details in the design brief.

We’re excited to see what ideas YOU generate!