Mayor's Youth Employment & Education Program (MYEEP)

The AFSF Build San Francisco - Mayor's Youth Employment & Education Program (Build SF-MYEEP) is an after-school internship program that provides eligible high school students with STEAM job-readiness skill training, paid work experience and personal development support.

 AFSF partners with the San Francisco Department of Children, Youth and Their Families , the Southeast Asian Development Center, the Community Youth Center of SFCity Youth Now, and other community organizations in this opportunity for young people to prepare for their next step in life.

MYEEP participants at AFSF work individually and in teams, using professional grade software to work on on real-world projects. Each is also mentored by a professional architect, engineer or other high-tech professional in a private firm one day per week. With this opportunity, MYEEP participants improve their communication skills, learn advanced computer software, develop teamwork abilities, and gain overall STEAM workplace knowledge and skills.

Program Goal

A primary goal of Build SF-MYEEP is digital literacy. Although this generation of students has a great familiarity with the social uses of technology, the professional world of technological proficiency largely eludes them. These young people need the skills and competencies required for 21st century employment, as well as a broader awareness of the vast range of STEAM careers that can be open to them.

Develop New Skills

AFSF projects make it possible for all young people to find success in their own terms and to acquire new levels of academic, social, and workplace skills that prepare them for advancement, regardless of their circumstances. Many of today’s youth face significant barriers in education and/or in work. AFSF endeavors to help remove obstacle for getting the help they need. Our Build SF-MYEEP program accepts all willing young people who seek to develop the level of skills required for advancement.

Join us!

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