About Us

Who We Are

The Architectural Foundation of San Francisco is a nonprofit educational organization that involves San Francisco elementary and secondary students in a mentored appreciation of architecture, engineering, construction and the design process.

San Francisco reigns as one of the most architecturally significant and beautiful cities in the world. The environment of architectural diversity is extremely important to the vitality of this great city. Everywhere, the vibrant and complex layering of landscape, color, cultures and light produces experiences that unexpectedly reveal themselves.

It is a rich laboratory to be shared as a great learning environment. Our mission is to educate emerging generations of San Franciscans towards an increased awareness of the impact architecture and design have on their built environment. This will, in turn, enhance the quality of life and future viability of our magnificent City of San Francisco. We seek to share with children the passion and pride that those who shape the physical environment have for San Francisco.

The Architectural Foundation of San Francisco, founded in 1990, is a nonprofit educational organization that has been working with youth for over 20 years. Central to the success of our programs is active collaboration, involving members of the community in meaningful and sustainable interactions with participants.

AFSF programs have evolved over the years. AFSF programs with the SFUSD began as a summer career-development, then became an after-school program, then a half-day program during the school day for academic credit. AFSF has also worked after-school and as a summer program. These programs has brought AFSF into contact with the full spectrum of youth. Our programs include participants with disabilities and special needs, new immigrants and other English learners, and participants transitioning from the foster care, juvenile justice, or special education systems. A unique aspect is that each participant receives individualized mentoring by a local design professional.  Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, all AFSF programs are conducted on-line and are open to youth around the world.